I was flipping through my book of "Absurd and Amusing Signs from Around the World" when I spotted a sign that made me chuckle...this has absolutely nothing to do with Death Note, HOWEVER, it immediately reminded me of L. (Mods, delete this post if you must.)

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Anzu doesn't write that kind of stuff

Silly Near birthday-fic

First post to this comm, and it's Near x Train Set fluff.  I don't think it quite counts as smut - it's not explicit, I promise.  I wrote this for his birthday yesterday, and only regret that I didn't have time to finish and post before today.  

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You are quite welcome to shoot me for writing this.  Lord knows I deserve it. ^^;;; 

(might crosspost to capslock_dn - apologies if it comes up twice)
Butterfly Wing

Weird Idea...


Are you sick of your regular sugar coated cardboard bits for breakfast? Ready for something new?

Try our new cereal!

apple flavored
Death Notey-O's

Kira tested, Ryuk approved.
Silly L! Death Notey-O's is for mass muderers!
It's heart attack delicious.

Now with a shinigami in every box!

 I came up with this randomly a few days ago and decided to share. Hope you don't mind.
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